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Beth, from the sunny, sunny Gold Coast. I have an unhealthy obsession with television shows and the fictional characters whose lives they detail. I used to have a list on here but it got alarmingly long, so let's just go with odds are I like at least one of your shows - if not all of them

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Matt Smith does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Alex Kingston as Marla Tompkins | My favorite shots







Reading about abusive men and the way they think. Very unsettling and an incredible book so far. Here are my very professional notes.

what book is this?

This is from “Why Does He DO That” by Lundy Bancroft.

I’m so glad I’m seeing more and more Lundy Bancroft quotes on my dash because this book CHANGES THE LIVES OF ABUSE VICTIMS.

The programs run for rehabilitating abusive men through the courts? Bancroft DESIGNED THEM. His programs are replicated ALL OVER THE WORLD.
He literally wrote THE book on abuser rehabilitation.

Here’s a link to a pdf copy. If you haven’t read this book yet, read this book.

Can we talk about how it seems like the entirety of the book is online on PDF, this making it accessible to anyone with an internet connection?

That is how we stop abuse.

We enable everyone to know what it looks like, so that when it happens, they can shut it down.

“My lines were like: ‘But he’s so old! Why is he gray? Why has he got lines on his face?’ I didn’t know him at all at this point. In between takes, I was like: ‘Oh, Peter, I’m so sorry. Terribly sorry. You look great.’”

Jenna Coleman feeling awkward when criticising how Peter’s Doctor looked. (via kitt66)

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School and Tumblr Photoset


Peter’s first read through.


Looking back at how far Grace has come in 6 months is incredible. And it’s one of the reasons I look up to her so much. She’s so talented and driven in everything she does, and when her hard work pays off (like with Grace’s Guide, Camp Takota and her #secretprojects) it makes me want to try my hardest to achieve my goals. It’s clear from the love and support from fellow youtubers and fans that Grace deserves every success, and I am so happy she’s getting it.


i just wanna shake the hand of whoever cam up with the ALS ice bucket challenge. not only is it raising awareness of an important cause, i’ve also seen more damp celebrities in clinging t-shirts in the past week than i ever dreamed possible. 

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i dont understand giveaways

like who the fuck just has an extra macbook 

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you never realize how stupid the world is til you read the comment section of literally anything

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